It was here where he would meet his future wife

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cheap Canada Goose Morgan was forced to overcome a rare disorder as a young boy that often caused fainting spells and fatigue, but he dedicated himself from an early age to academic excellence and attended only the very best schools, including the English High School of Boston. After graduating from high school, Morgan moved to Germany to study at its most prestigious institution, the University of Gottigen. It was here where he would meet his future wife, Amelia Sturges. Despite being in the later stages of tuberculosis, Morgan married her, hoping that a Mediterranean honeymoon would help cure her. Unfortunately, Amelia died of tuberculosis just four months later. Heavily traumatized by this incident, Morgan would forever after visit Amelia grave on their anniversary each year. This also led him to immerse himself completely in work as a distraction. He later remarried Frances Tracy, with whom he would have four children, all of whom would go on to follow in their father footsteps cheap Canada Goose.