” jimmymax said, “Canada has been doing discount moncler

Sympathy and scorn for Dunn

Comment of the day:The death of Ryan Dunn, one of the stars of MTV films and TV series, in a car moncler womens jackets crash on a Pennsylvania highway early Monday has ignited a public debate thanks in part to film critic Roger Ebert, who tweeted, “Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive.” So was Dunn a reckless stunt man who died in a fiery crash that could have been avoided moncler sale outlet or a cheap moncler jackets womens man who simply and tragically died too young?

thekissinger said, “My, aren we quick to condemn with so few facts. A person has moncler outlet online died, his family and friends care right now, and anything else we type should be with those thoughts in mind.” parise said, moncler usa “Fact: he posted pictures of himself drinking before he drove home. Fact: alcohol inhibits ability to drive.” M0reHuman said, “Fact: He posted a picture of himself with ONE drink. His death and the other moncler outlet prices death are unfortunate and if he could speak I am certain his life moncler sale online would be the last of the concerns when thinking about his passenger and family he left behind.”

norcalmojo asked, “What are you expecting? Adulation? The guy was famous for being an idiot and will now be a little more famous for dying an idiot. If the fact that he a Darwin award moncler outlet woodbury upsets you, wipe your nose. cheap moncler jackets mens If it makes you feel any better, he uk moncler outlet died an entertainer. I laughed when cheap moncler coats mens I read the story. I laughed again at the fools trying to memorialize him. If you don want to be remembered for cheap moncler jackets being an idiot, don make it your profession.”

rsknnp said, “Just because Ryan MAY have moncler outlet store made a poor choice does not uk moncler sale make his death any less sad. It still a loss to his friends, to his family, and to the people who enjoyed his humor and appreciated the laughter he brought into the world. I wish they would have added why he was on Minute to Win it with Steve o. They were both on the show to split the winnings and donate it to their respective charities for children.

If doing one bad thing or making one poor choice completely cancels out every other good thing a person has done, then every human on this earth is a waste of space because everyone out there has moncler outlet done something wrong. RIP Ryan Dunn.”

Aetna7011 said, “To make the jump from was having a drink with buddies to WAS DRIVING DRUNK AND KILLED AN INNOCENT PERSON AND IS A HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING is a massive exercise in conjecture and ultimately idiocy.”

russpro82 said, “Even after two beers your reaction time is slowed down. That coupled with excessively high speeds is a recipe for disaster. But let not forget he killed his passenger too.”

tmac1987 said, “Regardless if he partook in idiotic pranks or not, the point remains that Ryan Dunn is dead. He died at a very young age, and he had much more life to live. Maybe he was intoxicated or maybe not, we can speculate until the end of time. Remember people, we are all human, and one day our number will be called. Ryan lived his life to the fullest. He made people laugh! How many people can say they made an impact on someone’s moncler outlet sale life?”

Bring them home, Mr. President

President Barack Obama will address the nation Wednesday night to discuss a plan that would pull 30,000 “surge” forces out of Afghanistan by the end of 2012, beginning in July.

CWMessenger said, “I will end the wars and bring our troops home in 2009.2010.2011.2012. We are strictly operating as a support role for the European forces. Our Armed Forces are not on Libyan lands nor flying over Libyan lands. (Drones not counting.) said, “Please Mr. Obama. Bring all the troops home now. It’s been so long.” MatarLaRaza said, “What about the 70,000?” franx asked, “Why not pull out completely? Pointless war, especially now that Osama dead. One guaranteed way a Republican could steal my vote would be an the war stance. That never happen.”

CmmnSnsRulz responded, “Ron Paul has an ‘end all wars’ stance and 24 years on Congressional record of backing it up.”

Liberal212 said, “Obama troop pullout = 2012 election gimmick.” gravitas73 said, “Too little too late, pal. You already lost my vote. This is a political play and I not buying into it.” SFactory said, “Obama on the campaign trail as usual unless he is on vacation. But crazyutahn said, “Anyone who says Obama is doing this for the moncler uk outlet polls think about this. If he wanted to be re elected, he would have waited to kill Osama bin Laden until right before election time. Too bad none of you Republicans remember George Bush pulling that with Saddam Hussein.”

Some readers said they support Obama’s plan.

IanA1 said, “At last, a President that has actual entry and endpoint goals. You can run a strategy without such.” MollyBee said, “President Obama is doing well over there in the huge mess created when Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld went berserk monclerdownjacket over WMDs that didn exist.” opus512 said, “No matter what Obama does or when he does it, critics will use it against him. Even when he does something they support, they still criticize him for it.

Jamalrehtorb said, “As an ex smoker, I think this is great. Trying to quit is very, very hard and you need all the motivation possible.” jimmymax said, “Canada has been doing discount moncler jackets this for at least 10 15 years, and it hasn really had any measurable effect. People are quitting anyway, regardless of all these gimmicks. The only gimmick that has had any real effect is when the price keeps increasing.”

wallster said, “Where do we draw the line? Will I be looking at a photo of a diabetic kidney while I eating my morning bowl of cereal soon? It shouldn take a grotesque photo to scare someone into not smoking you just need a tiny grain of common sense.”

blue175 said, “Now only if they put pictures of clogged arteries and colon cancer on Big Mac boxes, maybe we would have lower obesity as well.”

Do you feel your views align with these moncler sale commenters thoughts? Post a comment below or sound off on video.

There should be ZERO sympathy for anyone who knowingly gets drunk best moncler jackets and then willingly gets behind the wheel. Had he killed someone before dying himself, we moncler online store be there, wouldn we? But, fortunately, he killed himself and the other d1psh_1t who was riding with him. If this helps protect the streets from future drunk driving claiming innocent lives, then one can argue it was Darwin at work, and let the stupidity, no matter how violent in its useless existence, be cleared out on its own. The world is a better place now. Yea, it is.

August 19, 2011 at 3:27 pm

What amazes me is the story just printed outlet moncler about this situation neglected to mention his.20 blood alcohol content once his body was tested at the hospital. So, it was probably a bit higher before he died. This is over twice cheap moncler sale the state DWI level. He wasn just speeding; had his car had wings, he been in the air, travelling in excess of 135 mph. And, he had a passenger.